高く繊細なスキルの基、描かれたレタリングが評価され、国内外のART EXHIBITIONに多数招聘される。

Fate started drawing graffiti in 1994 inspired by street art and based in Tokyo and Kanagawa. His skilled lettering has been highly acclaimed and invited to many domestic and international art exhibitions.
Fate has collaborated with various famous companies such as a worldwide sports and automotive brand. He also works with the local governments and many commercial facilities to paint the murals.
In addition, involving in a wide range of activities as a designer, creating various graphics, such as CD jackets and apparel.
Fate expresses "letters, things, and matters" geometrically and multifacetedly with his unique interpretation based on his graffiti style and rich experience.
In recent years, his 2D works that he has drawn so far have leapt off the wall and been realized in 3D by wooden artworks which derive a variety of design beyond categorization.